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Classic times, Classic friends…

Classic best friends pic...

Yesterday, whilst searching my iPhoto library for my best cake photos, I found myself reminiscing over years gone by and good times once had and I realised three things:-

1)   I don’t take enough photos of my life and the people in it as I used to or want to.

2)   Thanks to the phenomenon that is social networking, you can still connect with the people you have known in your life without actually having to commit to seeing them regularly (both a good thing, if you don’t live close by or your lives have gone in different directions and a bad thing because you no longer have to make too much effort), and

3)   I am too young to be using phrases such as, ‘over years gone by’.

Benjamin and I

Upon discovering some fairly classic moments and photos in my library, I decided to conduct a little experiment; posting some of my favourite images of good friends that I have maybe lost touch with a little – or who now all live in a different state to me and I miss daily!

Melbourne Cup, Birch style...

The result: collective replies from these people commenting on the photos with the same fondness that I had felt just moments before – and I only picked about 12 photos out of a library of thousands!  I then had to pause at the thought of all the people who have passed through my life and who haven’t made it into my digital archives for some reason or another…

How often do you find yourself wondering about people who used to be in your life (and life, being the way it is) are no longer? How often do you compromise on real friendship by simply hitting the ‘like’ button on an old friend’s Facebook status update instead of sending them a message so they know you’re still around?

Girls from the Edge

Stuff happens, friendships fall apart, life moves on, and we really all just carry on in our little worlds doing our thing. You can spend your whole life working and whinging about bills and money and bad drivers and the weather, but at the end of the day, all that really matters is what kind of person you are in your life and the people you spend it with. So this blog – and my latest Facebook photo album – is a shout out to all the friends (new, old, existing, no longer, and life long) I have had and, even though years have passed and photos or distant memories may be all that remain,  I hope that we can still think back every once in a while and remember each other fondly.

Crazy Contiki Kids in Venice, 2006


Totally Addicted To: CAKE!

One of the reasons that I will never look like a super skinny model is partly due to my genes and MOSTLY due to the fact that I am a cake junkie and think that cake is the best invention since…well possibly ever, but at least since the Internet…

Cake is obviously the one true love of most children, and for some reason I have just never grown out of that phase. I’m not too fussed on chocolate or other sugary treats, but cake – especially once joined by my other true love, coffee – is one thing I cannot say no to.

Eating cake at JK Rowling's favourite spot in Edinburg, 2005

Tea, pan, mud, carrot, cheese, chocolate, or cup – I’m there. Add a latte and a good friend to share it with (the experience, not the cake) and that could be one of my favourite things ever. Maybe it’s because my mum and dad always took my sister and I out for coffee and cake as kids instead of to McDonalds or maybe it’s just because adding coffee to the cake equation has less childish implications – I don’t care either way, it is good. As is baking it yourself and licking the bowl afterwards…

V-day cupcake display

What’s your all time favourite? Please send recipes :D

P.S This blog is dedicated to the Smith’s (my family not the band) – for this is where I believe my love for cake, coffee, photography, and movies comes from ;)

iCollect Movies – Do I ever?

So I’ve left it way too late tonight to do a proper blog – mostly due to Breaking Bad and pancakes (classic Kato!),  so I’m doing a little cross promotion for Bailey’s blog that I have a guest post on this week!

If you’re like me and into anything to do with anything Apple check it out for all the latest on app reviews, cool accessories, and latest Apple news – plus a review from yours truly on app my new favourite app, iCollect Movies. What are you waiting for? Head on over to iDevices World (click there or here) and go get your geek on!

Delicious Viewing – Pushing Daisies


Being the film and television geek that I am (as you will come to learn if you didn’t already know) Through My Looking Glass will inevitably feature – from time to time – some of my favourite viewing delights. In these early blogging days, I had a number of other things planned for “blog number two” but Pushing Daisies kept creeping up in my thoughts and I thought, who am I to argue?

Pushing Daisies follows Ned (Lee Pace), a pie maker with an immediately apparent gift for waking the dead (with some fairly serious conditions attached to it). He uses his ability to help a local P.I, Emerson Cod (played by the hilarious Chi McBride), solve murders and this leads him to his childhood neighbour and sweetheart, the not-quite-alive-anymore Charlotte ‘Chuck’ Charles (Anna Friel), and thus begins a rather unconventional love story. Along with an assortment of other quirky characters including Kristen Chenoweth as Olive and Chuck’s crazy aunts Lily and Vivien (played by Ellen Greene and Swoosie Kurtz) Ned, Chuck, and Emerson Cod solve some wacky murders and eat a lot of pie.

Ned and Chuck

Bryan Fuller’s romantic comedy-murder mystery-forensic fairy tale is a delight for all the senses. The technicolour world and costumes and pies are like a visual mind explosion, the characters are fast talking, quick witted and utterly loveable, and Jim Dale and Jim Dooley provide the comforting storybook narration and heart-warming soundtrack respectively.

Pushing Daisies brings me a level of happiness that I didn’t even know a TV show could bring a person! If you don’t fall totally in love with Lee Pace in the first episode, then you need help – he’s like one of those cute puppies that you feel instantly compelled to take home with you and love forever, especially when he’s spouting lines like ‘I just thought my world would be a better place if you were in it.’ Swoon. Anna Friel is just gorgeous and I spent the entire two seasons green with envy over Chuck’s adorable wardrobe.

Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles

A show centred around mouth-watering pies – how could that be bad?  Digby! Oh and Pigby! (you’ll see what I mean). And the way the use of alliteration and repetition for names and places makes even the dialogue visual in their colourful world. Look, I could wax eloquent all day over my love for the characters, the clever writing, and the uniqueness of the concept in a world of repetitive cop and crime shows, bad writing, and sloppy comedy with overpaid drop kick actors, but instead I will just insist that you watch it and let me know what you think!

[On that note, I must warn you of one thing – despite 57 award nominations, including 17 Emmy noms, wide critical acclaim, and a significant fan base – Pushing Daisies had a pretty terrible run of luck and was taken from its fans long before it should have been. Even with prior knowledge of this, you may find yourself wanting more when the climactic story arc of the two (very short) seasons is suddenly wrapped up at the end of the last episode. Don’t let this deter you though; the minor heartbreak is worth the 22 episodes of pure elation that comes from knowing the Pie Maker and his world.]

The Pie Maker

(All promotional images sourced from here)

Through My Looking Glass

I have always loved the idea of Alice in Wonderland so it seemed a good place to start – everything from tiny bottles saying ‘drink me’, tea parties with mismatched décor, characters inspired by playing cards and chess pieces, Mary Janes, and the idea of a place that no one else knows about but you.

Mad Hatter's Tea Party original artwork

Ultimately, we all live in a world that only we know. Nobody is with us 24/7, seeing life as we see it, with our thoughts and feelings. Mine is a world that I can only reflect through a mash of words and my own looking glass – my camera – and maybe you will see what I see, or maybe you will see something I never did.

Me through the looking glass

My wonderland is full of inspiration, admiration, and incredulation for the people in my life, the kindness of strangers, and the capabilities of humans. I want to reflect that through sharing the things that inspire me, that I admire, and that leave me constantly incredulous at our own abilities – be that through movies, books, photographs, style and fashion, stories, or things I come across in my every day life. So down the rabbit hole I go…

P.S The film was disappointing, but the costumes and artwork (as seen below) were amazing, there’s no denying it. Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland – image from Beyond Hollywood