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26 Things To Do Before I’m 27…

Sitting here contemplating the last 15 minutes of my 25th year on Earth, it momentarily crossed my mind that this year was my first birthday away from the warm blanket of my closest friends and family (minus Bailey of course, as he’s right here!) – then I suddenly realised that this was, in fact, incorrect because exactly five years ago – on the cusp of my 21st birthday – I was in Europe in Monte Carlo half a world away from my people with a bunch of crazy strangers. I don’t expect that 21-year-old would have seen me and my life coming her way!

Monaco at dusk

To guide me through the next year, at least, I’ve decided to taken on a challenge set forward by some fellow bloggers – Elsie from A Beautiful Mess (a HUGE inspiration) and HER inspiration for the challenge, Hula Seventy. Let’s see how I go over the next 365 days working through this heavy to-do list! Hopefully you will feel inspired to do one for yourself – please share, I’d love some friends to try it with me!!

Click for a larger view!

Catch you when I return from my birthday cake-induced coma.



One response

  1. cassieathome

    Did I mention how great your blog is? I love this post! Happy birthday Kato :-)

    March 10, 2011 at 3:52 pm

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