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About Me

I’m sarcastic…I’m a smart arse…I like cake.

Three very important things to know about me, but also that I have the most incredible people in my life and try to never take that for granted. I love movies, I fall in love with way too many TV shows that ultimately get canceled, I appreciate hot regardless of gender, I’m obsessed with bows and other pretty things, and I get lost in my own little world sometimes, but that’s okay – they know me there!


I suppose my main intention for this blog is because I always see films or read books or go places or hear music and want to share them (and my opinion) IMMEDIATELY with anyone who will listen. I also love writing and have always been too self-conscious to share anything I write with anyone and I haven’t had the motivation to persist and write regularly. So this blog is a way for me to put it all out there and, if nothing else, get some practice. Thanks for stopping by my little blog!


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