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A Few of My Favourite Things…

Inspired by a Facebook joke with my sister’s boyfriend last week, I decided to take a moment to give praise to a few of my favourite things (and The Sound of Music).

I’m not going to lie, there are many things in my life that make me happy – certain people, things, and moments – so this may become a regular thing :D

  • Living in Sydney and seeing the bridge from so many random places. It shows up in places you’d never expect (stay tuned for photos) I hope the novelty never wears off!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

  • Pink accessories. I never wear the colour but literally every time I buy some kind of accessory, case for something, etc, it HAS to be pink.


  • Bailey’s CRAZY hair. I have never met hair with such personality – alas, he will not allow me to share photo evidence of this with the world, so you will all just have to trust me on this one.
  • Cake (I may have mentioned this previously)


  • Embarrassing myself for the sake of being entertaining or getting a cheap laugh (see above and look out for more of this).
  • Lanes (especially those in Melbourne, Australia and Brighton, England), particularly if travelling down them leads to coffee and cake or boutique shops (it always does).


  • This little guy – he’s a keyring my sister, Rach, brought back from Amsterdam and he reminds me of her when I’m feeling far away from home.


Wooden Key Ring Dude

  • Staying up late and sleeping in late.
  • These tights (that I snagged today and had to throw out due to a MASSIVE ladder – sad face)

Bow seam stockings

  • This ring – it was my great grandmother’s ring, then she passed it on to my grandma, who had her initials DP (Doris Pearson) engraved on it. She gave it to me and it is probably my most treasured possession ever.


  • And when my bestie, Sarah Jane, tries to be mean to me when I’m being hard on myself to secretly encourage me to keep going instead of giving up (it usually works)

Totally Addicted To: CAKE!

One of the reasons that I will never look like a super skinny model is partly due to my genes and MOSTLY due to the fact that I am a cake junkie and think that cake is the best invention since…well possibly ever, but at least since the Internet…

Cake is obviously the one true love of most children, and for some reason I have just never grown out of that phase. I’m not too fussed on chocolate or other sugary treats, but cake – especially once joined by my other true love, coffee – is one thing I cannot say no to.

Eating cake at JK Rowling's favourite spot in Edinburg, 2005

Tea, pan, mud, carrot, cheese, chocolate, or cup – I’m there. Add a latte and a good friend to share it with (the experience, not the cake) and that could be one of my favourite things ever. Maybe it’s because my mum and dad always took my sister and I out for coffee and cake as kids instead of to McDonalds or maybe it’s just because adding coffee to the cake equation has less childish implications – I don’t care either way, it is good. As is baking it yourself and licking the bowl afterwards…

V-day cupcake display

What’s your all time favourite? Please send recipes :D

P.S This blog is dedicated to the Smith’s (my family not the band) – for this is where I believe my love for cake, coffee, photography, and movies comes from ;)