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Totally Addicted To: CAKE!

One of the reasons that I will never look like a super skinny model is partly due to my genes and MOSTLY due to the fact that I am a cake junkie and think that cake is the best invention since…well possibly ever, but at least since the Internet…

Cake is obviously the one true love of most children, and for some reason I have just never grown out of that phase. I’m not too fussed on chocolate or other sugary treats, but cake – especially once joined by my other true love, coffee – is one thing I cannot say no to.

Eating cake at JK Rowling's favourite spot in Edinburg, 2005

Tea, pan, mud, carrot, cheese, chocolate, or cup – I’m there. Add a latte and a good friend to share it with (the experience, not the cake) and that could be one of my favourite things ever. Maybe it’s because my mum and dad always took my sister and I out for coffee and cake as kids instead of to McDonalds or maybe it’s just because adding coffee to the cake equation has less childish implications – I don’t care either way, it is good. As is baking it yourself and licking the bowl afterwards…

V-day cupcake display

What’s your all time favourite? Please send recipes :D

P.S This blog is dedicated to the Smith’s (my family not the band) – for this is where I believe my love for cake, coffee, photography, and movies comes from ;)