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Music To My Ears – The Art of Sleeping

Like probably everyone, music plays a massive part in my existence and there are many, many bands and songs that come into my life at certain times that seem so significant – I kind of like to think of them as contributions to the soundtrack to my life (sorry if that’s lame!)

One band in particular that has been a consistent chart topper in the “recently played” iTunes list at my house is Brisbane band, The Art of Sleeping.

I would love to gush over the intricate guitar riffs and beautifully complex lyrics – but I’m still exhausted from my post last night. So I am just going to say, please check them out and buy their album on iTunes. Let’s support some local music and our indie scene!! Particular highlights for me are Weightless and Clarity off their first EP (titled The Art of Sleeping EP) and The Daring and the Lost off the Colourblind EP (get them both, they’re $10.14 and $6.75 respectively!!)

Check out the ONLY video I could find on YouTube for a sneak peak.

But please buy it if you like it! I don’t know these guys personally, but I know lots of people who work in industries including music and film and TV and I know piracy is just a way of life these days for most people, but if you’re going to do it – don’t cheat the little guys like these dudes!

P.S Thanks to Bailey for introducing me to them! We hope you like their stuff :D