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Classic times, Classic friends…

Classic best friends pic...

Yesterday, whilst searching my iPhoto library for my best cake photos, I found myself reminiscing over years gone by and good times once had and I realised three things:-

1)   I don’t take enough photos of my life and the people in it as I used to or want to.

2)   Thanks to the phenomenon that is social networking, you can still connect with the people you have known in your life without actually having to commit to seeing them regularly (both a good thing, if you don’t live close by or your lives have gone in different directions and a bad thing because you no longer have to make too much effort), and

3)   I am too young to be using phrases such as, ‘over years gone by’.

Benjamin and I

Upon discovering some fairly classic moments and photos in my library, I decided to conduct a little experiment; posting some of my favourite images of good friends that I have maybe lost touch with a little – or who now all live in a different state to me and I miss daily!

Melbourne Cup, Birch style...

The result: collective replies from these people commenting on the photos with the same fondness that I had felt just moments before – and I only picked about 12 photos out of a library of thousands!  I then had to pause at the thought of all the people who have passed through my life and who haven’t made it into my digital archives for some reason or another…

How often do you find yourself wondering about people who used to be in your life (and life, being the way it is) are no longer? How often do you compromise on real friendship by simply hitting the ‘like’ button on an old friend’s Facebook status update instead of sending them a message so they know you’re still around?

Girls from the Edge

Stuff happens, friendships fall apart, life moves on, and we really all just carry on in our little worlds doing our thing. You can spend your whole life working and whinging about bills and money and bad drivers and the weather, but at the end of the day, all that really matters is what kind of person you are in your life and the people you spend it with. So this blog – and my latest Facebook photo album – is a shout out to all the friends (new, old, existing, no longer, and life long) I have had and, even though years have passed and photos or distant memories may be all that remain,  I hope that we can still think back every once in a while and remember each other fondly.

Crazy Contiki Kids in Venice, 2006